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Status Update:

We are currently experiencing high call volume for emergency service. Prior to this weather event we had (as is normal) approximately one week or more of work backlog. Since this weather emergency started we have developed a wait list, that at the moment has over 2 dozen folks on it, and is climbing by the hour.

Prior to this emergency, as an industry we were already experiencing supply chain shortages for certain pumps, heaters and other parts, and we anticipate this to worsen in the coming weeks.We have a semi-healthy bit of plumbing supplies on hand, and have ordered more. We may or may not have exactly what you need.

For efficiency, we will try to batch up first visits by area/zip code neighborhood. We may or may not be able to fix your problem on first visit, but we hope to at least get an assessment of the likely issues. You can help us help you, if you can take pictures of the problem areas you are seeing. Bear in mind that we are a small shop (basically just me and maybe one or two part time sub-contractors). I’m also getting calls from my colleagues who are also swamped with repair work. If you can get help sooner than we can offer, that’s great, remember: we still love you.

What to Do if Power Goes Out During the Big Freeze

#1 Turn the breakers off to the pool equipment. The last thing you want is an uncontrolled re-start when the power comes back on (you won’t know in advance). If the pump comes back on (or tries to), and ice has formed in the equipment or pipes you could have big problems: burst pipe, burnt out motor.

#2 With the breakers off, you should consider opening up any equipment: drain plugs, filters, chlorinator caps etc to give the expanding ice a place to go.

#3 After you get power back up, it will still take time for frozen pipes, filters, & pumps to thaw. It won’t be instantly when it reaches 33 degrees, you may want to wait several days, and then do a controlled start up.